Getting The Idea

You are brilliant. It's a fact. It is your life that makes you brilliant. Your life is unique; it is full of obstacles, but also full of inspiration. Every situation you encounter, every problem you face, it keeps your mind going. You're human. You can't avoid it. Your brain keeps showing up with uncounted ideas and solutions. Every single day.

But what happens to those new ideas? Do you write them down, treasure them, maybe even shout them out to the world? Probably not. You might think that your ideas are not too important. So you forget about them. You trash them. Or worse - you decide to leave it all to THEM: one day, THEY will realize that there's a demand for this or that, and so one day THEY will come up with the proper creation, invention or solution.

What a waste! You already had the idea. To hell with THEM! Let's be honest: it might take ages until they come up with an idea like that. And then, who are THEY, anyway? Just about everybody, except you? So you're seriously talking about US as them? - Well, the rest of US may be a little slow. Of course, if we were able to read your mind, it might speed up things a little bit. But we simply can't.

We (including you) might do something else. Why not stop wasting our creativity and collect those unused ideas. Why not help creating a global creativity pool? Before forgetting your ideas, donate them. As a gift to humanity, if you want. Remember, it's only the surplus of our brains. We can have new ideas if we want to.

Giving your ideas is like donating blood. It may seem painful at first. But if you think about it, it's a wonderful experience. The Creativity Pool is a free database for anyone in need of a creative idea. No matter who they are or what they plan to do! It is a free resource. Contributing to this project is most simple - just use the submit form on this website. Submitting an idea only takes a few minutes. If you don't have a computer near you, remember your idea and submit it later.

If your idea is good, submission will not stay a one-way road. If somebody likes your idea and decides to realize it, he (or she) will reward you in exchange. Rewarding the authors of creative ideas is an integral part of the concept. Before you submit an idea, think of something you would like as a reward. If you had the idea for a yet uninvented product, getting the product for free would probably be a good one. Don't think of this reward as an actual payment. Consider it an acknowledgement.

When submitting your ideas, don't forget to include your name, your country, and the reward you have in mind. If you want to, you may also add your street address; it can be useful in case your email-address expires. Please make sure to read the Creativity Pool site rules before submitting.

If you don't want to submit an idea right now, feel free to use the menu on the left to search's database, or have a quick swim in the Creativity Pool.

Have fun!