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Cell Phone Stylus Texting Printer Friendly Version
Touch Pad and Stylus writing on your cell phone would allow all your writing to be quick and the phone could either transfer writing to computer font or you could draw directions, or any other business diagrams, Etc. that you can't simply type with letters and numbers. A large host of application!
Reward: I would like one. No, REALLY! 

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Writers Actually Get Paid for Writing Printer Friendly Version
Ever wanted to write something? But procrastinated every time? I bet you know a few other people who also feel the same way. So did I - we started getting together every week, for a couple hours, and reading over each other's work, offering suggestions. If you haven't added more to your story, or written anything new, you have to pay a fine into the pot (we used $5.00). If you don't show up or come late, we fined each other $2.00. This all goes into a pot. When somebody finishes and edits a story, then we throw a small party (just dinner and drinks) and all parade off to the post office to mail it off. For mailing a story you get $10, for having it rejected you get a consolation prize of $15.00 and if it gets published, you get all the money in the pot! Of course adjust the fines and rewards for your own needs - the idea is that it gives you an incentive. We also offer 'scholarships' and 'grants' of $50.00 or less - like if one of us is having a hard week and the paycheck is stretching thin, we are having to work extra and give up writing time because of it, then we can apply for 'scholarship' and if we all vote ok, then you can be given a little $$$ to tide you through - if you DON'T write during that time you have to pay it all back, but if you DO write, it becomes a 'grant' instead. This system has gotten several of us published.
Reward: If you use our idea, it'd be great if you could tell everyone about it. If you had enough people doing this, then the rewards for writing could be a real financial help even without getting published. 

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Eraseable Solid Ink in a Pencil Printer Friendly Version
With solid ink in a pencil form you can write and then sharpen the pencil or leave it dull for everything from fine point to heavy lines or medium lines. You can still use the eraser if the ink is eraseable. Ink pens go dry but the pencil with solid ink, depending on how solid, might last longer and you could tell when you're almost out of ink and get a new one in time to complete your writing tasks on time. Most schools and colleges require you to use ink, but they didn't specify which kind, only which color. We could make the solid ink pencils in all colors and use them for artistic purposes and other uses besides writing.
Reward: Credit 

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