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By sgabriel9
I'm a dog trainer, and a frequent problem clients have is when their dog runs back and forth along their fence barking at a dog in the yard next door. It's difficult to cure, especially in a humane way. We don't use shock collars or other injurious devices to train dogs; however, one of my clients devised a way to remote-control their water sprinkler (the type that you insert in the ground with a stake and it squirts the water out in a hiss. The sound is similar enough to a snake that the dog will stop barking and move away from the fence. I could sell a product like this (especially if it used compressed air instead of water so it could be used in cold climates) many times a week in my business, and I imagine many other trainers could, also. It would need to be remote-controlled so the client could use it from the house without having to be close to the dog. There is already a product on the market called Pet Corrector that is just a can of compressed air, but you need to depress a button on the can of air, so it requires the owner to be within 3 feet of the dog. This isn't practical for fence fighting.

Reward: I'd like to get this product for free so I could sell it at 100% profit.

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