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All couples and people have the ability to mind guess. You will always be better the more you know the person. You can easily get caught in a conversation with yourself. All 6 senses 6th=pupil size difference shows heavy emotions can be used subconcsiously. I believe the thought lanuage is the only need for everything except hearing, and speaking.. Everyone has one thought process so we can either send, not send, not receive or receive others thoughts one at a time. we can switch what we're doing, conversationally, to communicate comfortably. You should never believe in negative thoughts if you believe they origionate from trying to receive, unless the body motions agree. You can only effectively communicate with a margin of error in intent and verbatim, with people near you. Many conversations for long distances where some senses are deprived are simply imaginatory. I use this extra ability to spead it, via starting a conversation vocally, responding telepathically, waiting for a vocal response or a telepathic response, and replying my original response.

Jest you are being talked to right, and guess you can mind guess, mono e mono only

Rememeber when you are sending you are sending with your body in every way, as is subconsciously important.
And when you are receiveing you need to train your body in the receiving mode by not moving around or, knowing exactl how you are moving out maybe as best as you can.

Called Lavo, expressed as using Lave

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