Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
By dideamon
Conceptual technology for a formative "smart object" material which posses the ability to transform into anything. Explained in detail. I call it Formative Nano-Tech, because the parts used would be pretty small inside the devices.

Picture very small 1mm (or smaller) sized cubes, for this example I will use: Square cubes (any shape can be theoretically be used) they are made from slippery materials which can slide amongst each other when bound closely, or a lubricative substance needs to be used (e.g. the commercial product never-wet and water), these cubes (shapes) contain technology embedded within-themselves which can move each cube amongst another by either a magnetic repulsion and attracting force (by changing the magnetic properties of each cube), track and rail, or other methods (such as push and pull), each cube can signal and receive communication via simple digital interfaces, each cube has it�s own number and number corresponding to a group and can communicate any cube in it�s perimeter, for example information like where a cube is, and how to move from one place based on a parent model schematic which is also electronically transmitted to any cube. This schematic passes on to the next cube (and so on) so a pattern will form. The pattern forming will start from the cube which receives a change to the main schematic and outwards all cubes will move to form into another shape. Once a formation is achieved the cubes pass into a locking mode to hold structure intact. Thus they also need to be stronger and bound tightly to hold weight. The speed of the formation change will be determined by the materials and components used to create each cube. Each cube could in theory also contain a small battery to store small amounts of energy, charging themselves from the current passed through the locking or movement channels. So in theory you can charge the whole structure from 1 cube. This technology can form any static shape for uses like furniture or even decorations or even creating robotic like structures. Each cube has the led like ability to change it�s colour and even solar charging abilities to charge themselves. These cubes can also transport the objects from one place to another by changing their patterns continuously in order to travel by various methods like making a simple track mechanism and move along like a tank or walk fluidically. Each cube (based on how it�s manufactured) could theoretically be �printed� out through 3d printer technology working on a smaller scale. Thus massive quick and cheap manufacturing of these shapes is possible, so anyone can have them. Schematics can be free or paid for online and anyone in this world can have the ability to make objects in any shape they want.

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