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By marryliquid1
Super Smash Bros Brawl: Brawl is a fighting game where you fight as nintendo characters and a few third party characters. It has a decent story mode, and good graphics, but it's biggest positive is its multiplayer. You can spend hours playing with your friends and not get bored of it at all. The biggest negative of the game in my opinion is its online play, it has no leaderboards or point system, and it's so concerned with privacy, that it doesn't even let you see the names of the people you are playing against. Also, it sometimes takes a long time for the game to find anyone for you to play against.

Mario Kart Wii: Mario Kart Wii is an extremely fun racing game where you race as nintendo characters in either go-karts or motorcycles. It has a long grand prix mode that will give you a decent amount gameplay, pretty good graphics, and very creative race courses. One big plus abot this game is the amount of controller combinationations you can use to play this game. You can use the Wii wheel, which comes with the game, you can use a gamecube controller, a wiimote with a nuchchuk, the wiimote by itself, or the classic controller. Tom, the biggest plus about this game is it's online mode. It quickly finds you people to race, it the most lag free online mode out of all the wii games' online modes, and it has a point system so you can monitor your progress.

Okami:You should definitely get Okami for the Wii. Okami wii is a port of the game Okami for the PS2, which came out in 2006. It won game of the year in 2006, so obviously, it's a great game. Its graphics are considered to be some of the best ever. The graphics are supposed to look like a japanese water color painting. I own this game and I would definitely put it in the top 5 videogames I've ever played, I even think that it might be the best game I've ever played. Another big plus about it is that it only cost $40 since it's a port of a game. It's also worth it because it has at least 40 hours of gameplay, which is more than most game, I'm like 3/4 of the way throught the game and I already have more than 40 hours. In the game, you fight as the japanese godess Amaterasu in the form of a white wolf, you try to save the ficticious land of Nippon(which is the Japanese word for Japan) from the evil monsters that overtaking it. So overall, Okami is worth it because you save $10, and you get a fun, long game that has beautiful graphics that no game has ever matched.

Mario Strikers: Strikers is a soccer game where you play as various nintendo characters. In my opinion, it has the best online mode out of all of the Wii games made so far. Its online mode has a points system and it gives you a rank, so you know how you stack up against other players. It always quickly finds you other people to play. The only problem is that sometimes it has a little bit of lag.

Boom Blox: In Boom Blox, you basically go through over 300 levels of trying to knock down structures made out of blocks. Some of the levels can be extremely easy, while others take a lot of thinking and strategy to beat. It also has a mode where you can make your own block structures. I've never actually played this game, but it gets really good reviews.

I almost always buy videogames from gamestop. Gamestop's better than regular stores like Best Buy, Target,or Meijer, because you can buy used games from them, and you can sell your games to them.

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