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By rofin
CCTV system or video surveillance is the integral part of security systems worldwide for preventing the outbreak of crime. CCTV system or closed circuit televisions are placed in convenient locations to monitor the activities in public areas, military regimes, ATMs, banks, airports and shopping malls. These compact cameras are placed in ATMs for ensuring the safety of the persons transacting money in the ATMs; moreover, surveillances cameras are preventing bank robberies and attacks in the banks. These cameras are phenomenal in preventing criminal activities in public places with their careful crime detection. In military regimes, surveillance is effective to curb spying and trespassing. These cameras are installed along the roads to monitor vehicles breaking traffic rules and causing accidents, the cameras monitor over speeding vehicles and prevent accidents for public safety. CCTV system is used across the world for ensuring public safety; the system is effective in detecting criminal activities with the careful monitoring. These systems also track the activities in shopping malls for ensuring the safety of the shoppers. Such systems can monitor safety in industrial processes while observing the hazardous processes that the workers involve in. Operators monitor the hazardous processes and analyse the risks involved in it for the workers. Another effective application of the surveillance is in airports for identifying criminal activities, the CCTVs can spot any passengers carrying dangerous weapons during their travel and cause harm to the co-passengers or the flight. CCTVs are also widely used in amusement parks to prevent accidents while ensuring the safety of both the children and the adults. The surveillance is very effective in ensuring public safety.

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