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By Ronh20
I was in Saudi Arabia, the city of Riyadh air port and was scheduled to fly to Jeddah but the plane was late and when we finally got on I had the last seat. then a steward came down and asked me if I would follow him to the front cabin, first class and sit with the prince. I did. I remember the heat lighting out the window and as we took off the Stewart brought some fruit to us. without a word the prince offered me his fruit I took it and I offered him my fruit and he took it. I was symbolic for neither of us could speak the others language. but we were brothers I can’t remember the date but it was April 1969 and the newspaper with the date in Arabic was given to my daughter Lisa when she was young it was signed by a prince Sadri who I flew in with earlier in the day.
after I landed I went to my hotel and went to sleep. The next day evening I went to the roof top restaurant to order dinner and had lamb and rice and a 7 up to drink. The 111 brought out a picture of water with ice and a large beetle in it. I felt he was trying to say something to me but since he did not speak English he could not. I did not drink the water.

I have given much thought to the story I have just told and what it means symbolically. The slave 111 means psalms 111 or the covenant or promise. The lamb and rice means I am ,john 1-23 a voice in the wilderness. The 7 up (2) means 36 degrees from Jeddah or 56 degrees, north latitude water means water frozen or 140 degrees east longitude in Russia. When this was conveyed the us and Russia were in the depths of the cold war and what could water in Russia have to do with it. Well, a dirty hydrogen bomb placed in the water would produce a rain cloud of radioactive water which would be carried to the us by the jet stream as was the radiation from Chernobyl carried to Seattle in the 80’s
I just remembered that in April 1969 the Beatles hit was the yellow submarine. This is the reason for the beatle.

If Russia had a bomb, so did the U.S. at 63 degrees North latitude, 16 degrees West Longitude


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