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By Jim10
Yes, I know this sounds silly, and perhaps it is, but the proliferation and propagation of dust bunnies is a nuisance and a problem at home and work. What the device looks like: the size of a large fat cookie with doors in the sides the size of quarters. The center is hollow and is basically a housing bay or receptical for the bunnies. The top can be easily removed to discard bunny carcusses to a convenient waste basket, or, a more humane method: release them to the outside world. How it works: There is some kind of electro-magnetic (possibly) static generating, battery powered mechanism housed in the center of the device. Advantages: aside from removing these pesky rodents from living quarters, in a civilized, humane way...thus automatically keeping clean one's home and office, there are none. This could be a cool novelty yet practical and feasible invention for someone who has the technical ezpertise to create it! Besides...these creatures will be a lot happier in the wild...

Reward: Send me some...I could sure use 'em.

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