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By Steve Veltkamp
I'd like to see a car with a laptop computer instead of an instrument console. The computer would run Linux (so it wouldn't crash) and you could open up windows on the screen for speedometer, gasoline usage rates, operating temp, oil pressure, all the usual. Since a computer, you could monitor many more things in windows which could be minimized or maximized, such as trip calculator, GPS mapping, etc. Controlled with videogame type cursor pads/buttons on the steering wheel.

Reward: Just a free one, and credit.
By Clint
Wouldn't be too hard...need a lot of ports though as you'd need a separate input for each system(spedometer, fuel guage, etc.) you wanted to incorporate into the system. would be a nice space-saver, and not too hard to implement if you're a programmer, so take some C classes or something :)
By will
why not use mac. power of unix with the pretty aqua interface, thus, much prettier than windows, easy to use, and wont crash at all.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I agree -- I love my MAC OSX

Also, all the electronics, sensors, etc. would be in the car and could be interfaced to the laptop with a single fire-wire port. The laptop only needs to display the results of computations that took place in the cars computer.
By headwerkn
It's easy enough to do; look around the web and people have been putting computers and LCD screens in their cars for MP3 playback, DVDs, engine management, temperature monitoring, all kinds of things.

However, ask any sporting driver and they'll tell you that nothing beats the quick glance legibility of big dials.

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