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By myst1q
This is for preventing road accidents due to speeding.

Accident prone zones could be equiped with radio transmitters to limit the speed of the cars and other speeding vehicles. The automobiles should be fitted with recievers as part of their electronic control system to receive this signal and limit the speed as per the speed zone.

Reward: not sure!
By maxokist
This would be a good system as long as it is voluntary. Perhaps a GPS private service would be best. I'd hate to see the government implement this, because imagine if you are in an emergency at 2:00 in the morning and you can't speed to get to the hospital. Bad idea in that case.
By bob12
I have already posted this idea for more than year ago. And there is even polymics now of implementing it in europe. So you re late.
By WayneR
Thats nice bob, in the year that you posted this youve had... 7 total posts?

Ya okay. ANYWAYS

The only problem with this idea is the gov would never do it. EVER. Speeding tickets are not for our safty.. Traffic tickets are a multi billion dollar "BUSINESS".
By A_Guy_Outta_Ideas
How about a system that slows down a person who is speeding to get away from the cops? The cops could pinpoint him (via license plate) and if he goes by one the cops could easily catch him if he was slowed down. It would help eliminate police chases and speeding all in one!

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