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By aarthidhar
How about having a mirror which tells me how I should look before rather than changing my looks later.

A mirror which captures my image; has stored hairstyles, apparels images; I can choose from a menu and view my changed looks beforehand?

Reward: One such.
By sevenizm
The "mirror" can save your image ona server like email. When you walk in to The GAP, you can download your image onto their "mirror" and virtually try on clothes. Or maybe The GAP sends virtual outfits to your "mirror" and you virtually try on clothes @ home then purchase online.

The "mirror" is connected to all types of hair salons, shoe stores, make up artist, eyeglass stores, dentist ect, ect. All that will advertise their products on your image much like pop ups.

The Mirror will help people and business. It can be a tool for many applications. I like the idea and willing to help anyway I can.

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