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By Arlo Vander
Ever wonder where new words come from? Especially with terms dealing with everyday life and culture, by the time they're widely accepted, there's often no way to trace their origins. Let's change that by introducing a new word right here on this site:

Pooly - adj., interesting or intriguing in a cool and creative way

Let's all try to use this word once a week in everyday conversation or in writing, and see how quickly it spreads.

Reward: Entertainment value!
By Jeeff
Your idea is just not "Pooly" B-)
By Auriane
me and a friend of mine have started using the word "cow" in stead of cool since a week or two and or year at school is allready saying it :-D
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By Steve
Here's a new one: "Russian Omelette".

It's what you get when you take an egg package out of your fridge and discover that there's only one egg left. :-[

Hence, a Russian Omelette is made of just one egg. However, it's most important that the other chambers were empty.
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