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By Paula Vesga
You know when you go to theme parks such as Disney parks and all of those most of the time it is really hot on those huge lines. Some people decide to buy the fans that shoot water, but what they don't really notice is that every 2 hours they usually run out of battery and have to fan themselves with a paper or even with their hands. This invention would be the best because not only it works with sunlight but you do not have to pay for it. - Some people would say 'how about nights?' well as you guys think they are wrong because why would we need to use it at night if there is no sun to run it and who cares? There is no sun so it is not hot!

Reward: A trip to a theme park! Fan included maybe?
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By Michael D. Grissom
You did not say what your invention does other than cool (is it a water squirter, fan, or something else?).

You did not say how the sun is suppose to power whatever your invention is (are you thinking about a solar cell?).

Sharper Image, Inc. sells things like this. You may want to check out their web site.

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