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By LauraLouzader
Am I the only woman who has noticed that fashionable women's clothing hardly ever has inside pockets, which are the most secure place to stash stealables such as cash, passports, and credit cards? A line of stylish skirts, dresses, and coats with ample pockets inside the garment could replace the purse as a container for valuables and help deprive pickpockets and purse snatchers of their current wealth of opportunity. No suit jacket or coat should ever be without them, but they also ought to be in skirts and slacks, and they should be made of extremely heavy fabric.

Reward: A couple of good suits equipped with numerous inside pockets.
By Tara Clark
I don't know why you haven't gotten a reply on this idea yet. This is a great idea! Especially for women. When we go out sometimes all we need to carry is our I.D.'s and money. If you carry through with your idea on your own, I'm sure you will be very satisfied with the results.
By jacobpatrick
being a man i realy had no idea this was the case.
that seems only sensible.
do womens jackets not have inside pockets.
By viridian
It's certainly a pain that womens jackets etc don't have inside pockets, I've always wanted one or two.
I think women in the 18/19th century had slits in their voluminous skirts and petticoats to allow them to reach a thief proof purse hanging from the waist. Must have been one of the few advantages of having to carry all that cloth around with them!
I'd like to be able to buy velcro-on inner pockets for all my jackets and cardigans
By jackrew
jackrew wrote:
James888 wrote:This is a very good idea....I travel a lot and the more secure pockets the better...

yes it's true... ;D :S

Any body there...I need help..
By onew grey
The design business isn't forgetting pockets to spare us from an unstreamlined outline. They're endeavoring to trap us into an existence of requiring sacks to convey our things.

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