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By Rishi
There is a lot of software that give out an audible output of what is a computer monitor screen for the blind. There seems to be no reference to a tactile output pad that reproduces text in braille as well as graphics as raised dots.

The output 'screen' can be a pad lying on the table with a matrix of equally spaced pins, which are at surface level and rise above the surface on activation

The technology exists (rather outmoded) as dot matrix printers. Enhancements can be thought of by adding peltier feefct diodes which change the temperature of the tip of the 'dots', which could be used to convey colour or emphasis. A hot dot can represent red for example.

This is likely to provide a more satisfying interaction than just an audio output.

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By jstr
Wow that is quite possibly the most fantastic idea I've ever heard.

By BonnieMacD
Very ingenious!

By Paddywack
Have a look at this :

It's a combined Tactile Braille and Speech "Display" that reproduces whats on a normal PC screen. Obviously somewhat limited but would output plain text easily.

Just a thought though - 90% of blind people Do not read braille !


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