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By Ruthie Mesfun
There is a japanese tv show called angelic layer (it's a cartoon). Well I thought I can make a little simulation of that you see.

To get an "angel" (Angel - is another term for a doll which is made by a person to be fought in Angelic Layer battles. Angels are each made differently, and can have different attributes. Some angels are made to be great in stamina but slow, others are made to be Speed, but are not as strong. The deus must decide how s/he wants his angel to be.) from an angels egg (Angel Egg - The first stage in the Angel Making Process, where the angel to be is in a small egg, surrounded by the absorption fluid, a type of water. When opened, the fluid leaks out, leaving only the doll, which will be created, molded, and made into an angel of the creator's choice.)

To make this a hit seller I thought it would be great to put a doll that has no face or real body tone in the egg and let the Deus (Deus - is another name for the maker of an Angel Doll. Deus's are the ones who control the dolls during and Angelic Layer battle. Deus's are also usually the ones who create and design the Angel doll, though there are some exceptions to this case.) make his or her dream doll by using clay leaving it all night and then using "special paint" for the face they need to also buy a wig and make clothers for there angel. There will be a card where u need to mail to the company to get ur ID card so u can play in the tournament and play in ur PS2 or PC game (Big profit)!

But here's where it gets interesting we make a game out of it for a Pc and PS2. But u need to buy a doll because when u buy the game u will need to describe your doll and type ur ID Code so ur doll can get power points....

Then there are tounaments called Angelic layer (Angelic Layer - A game where two people battle their Angels on a table. Each person or deus will wear a Visor that lets them control the doll through telepathy. Angelic Layer battles are popular in Tokyo, and it is quite a game. ) If you win you get special points to get discounts on angel stuff or prizes.

If you want to see pictures or u want to get more detailed about angelic layer goto to these websites: or
By AaronAgassi
Actually, Deus, as in Deity, is, of course, God.
And your proposal seems already somewhat fully fleshed, even fixated, for Brainstorming except by first deconstructing it to reverse engineer variant ideas or else tackling the significant implementation problems. Indeed, licensing alone would be a *beep*!

One might be better off just Brainstorming our own Pokemon/Card Captor redux, and how to top what already gluts the market. Or even changing and even improving upon 'Angelic Layer' enough to make it our own property. Perhaps even some real variation on the interminably empty fighting animal/robot trainer cliché!

Indeed, why, one might ask, would yet another generic anime like 'Angelic Layer', of all things, be the next marketing bonanza? Target market?

This image of the Angel Egg, a 'Sexy Robot' ... yrbts.html redux in a clear Faberge Egg might better demonstrate the possible appeal...
By AaronAgassi
Another image that sums up the concept.

Current marketing that I can find seems to be of action figures each including only tiny and undetailed Angel Eggs ... de=aos8203 not to mention, of course, trading cards and other publications.

Also, naturally, a video game
By duh
better yet, lets make this doll and give it an impossible figure, and like make these clothes you can put on her and maybe a little house and little car and a boyfriend doll named Ken.!!
By AaronAgassi
This is the brainstorm. Your support group fell into a sugar coma.

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