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By Stephen F. Wrona
I was wondering if some other types of foods, like beans, could be geneticly modified so that they could be made to "pop" like popcorn when they are heated.

O.k. you gene-iuses, make it happen!

Reward: Send me a bag of popbeans
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By Steve
Stephen, you have nice ideas. Personally I think it would be yet another nice idea if you would STOP SUBMITTING THEM IN ALL CAPS!

Thank you. ;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
#2225 long as nobody sells PopBeans in theaters. :~(

Otherwise, it might be easier to genetically alter the corn to taste like beans and then pop those (because the 'pop' is in the shell).
I have a PH D friend that does that sort of thing for a living at NCSU. I like this idea so much I'm going to pass it to her for thought. AND,... her husband has a web site that specializes in exotic foods not available in the US. This might get interesting. I'll update here with what I find out if it's anything significant.

OK eveybody -- what would be the best tasting bean or bean combination for the best popped taste?... or if it's a mod to corn, what vegi out of all that exist would taste good popped? Brocolli for max nutrition, celery for least calories,... ??? Does anyone know any culinary gurus?

Um... flavoring already popped corn just wouldn't be the same -- just-in-case that's what you're thinking.

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