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By AaronBurns
We transmit millions of Videos for all kinds of purposes everyday from family, Web Seminars, YouTube type sites and just about 90 percent of the sites. If we could copy and paste the Audio code seperate from the Video and have Software to Alter the Extension then we could Burn a CD or Place the Audio from the Site's Video into our IPod like devices for enjoyment or study on the go!

Reward: Free extension translator software and get YouTube Music Audio/Video Code for free on my IPod!
By greatjay
Hey Aaron, just saw this post now...brilliant idea!! do you know if this idea is still yet to be actualized or have you seen it done already? Also could you explain a little more what you mean by altering the extention of the videos? Thanks :)
By krzyafrcn
Actually, there are a few ways of doing this now. The following is the way I use:

Get the "Video download helper" addon for firefox.

Download firefox here:

get video download helper here: ... src=search

This will let you download any youtube video (and most other online videos) as an flv file. Then use a free flv converter like this one:
to convert the downloaded video file to an mp3 audio file that you can then burn to a cd or put on you ipod.

There is free software out there that does this in one step instead of two, but it usually limits your download speed, or number of files you can convert per day. This method is free and the speed for downloading and converting is only limited by your hardware.

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