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By greatjay
hey friends,

I just joined this site and I already notice that there are a lot of extremely creative and great thinkers. I propose that some of the smartest minds on here come together and form a team/company to advance many of our great ideas. This way we know that we are directly influencing our world for the better.... we could all contribute in many ways that we can to achieve each of our ideas and in turn, all benefit for collaborating to achieve the ideas. Any interested parties, please respond to this post and lets contribute positively to this world.

Reward: A world full of smiles!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Hi greatjay! Welcome to CP!

I think what you are suggesting is otherwise called "open source" projects. By using search keywords "OPEN SOURCE" (using the quotes) before the name of what your're looking to create (example: "OPEN SOURCE" CAR) that should get you started.

I am currently working on starting an open source website to create a no compromise cross between a car, boat, motorcycle, and airplane. I am researching forum software today and then I'll finish the last two images of the amphibious vehicle I'm proposing -- banking into a turn on a road and in the water. This is an image of how it is shaping up at the moment:


I need to run a name contest as I haven't yet found a name suitable.

When my open source vehicle website is uploaded and working I'll come here and tell everyone about it.
By WSparrow23
I agree with both of you. Yes there is a variety of open source projects out there. However, it's been my experience that these apply to software projects almost exclusively. If we had open source projects in environmentalism, inventions, social applications, etc. the possibilities could be endless. The biggest obstacle would be human greed. But, it has to start somewhere, even if it's simply a directory to such projects. All in all I say GO FOR IT! You've got my interest :)
By jelley
It may boost matters, if anyone with graphics and programming capability (and time on their hands) would render some of the ideas listed here into graphics (or beta sites).

I.E. Cataloging which include demo's would pack more of a powerful punch than cataloging alone.
By Alfcon
I'm interested too. What’s the next step... Introductions and a little about who we are and what we do I guess..

My name is Alfio Contarino and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

My areas of interest are generators, magnets, Creating a liveable Space environment, on Earth and Space.

I’m teaching myself chemistry and 3D modeling for fun via the web.

My profession is a VBA programmer / Automating systems and processes.
By jacob2287

Hi I'm new here I think there's a lot of interesting topics and discussions happening on this forum and wanted to check it out and give and get some great advice on different issue happening all over the world.I also consider myself a rather critical thinker, in the sense that I generally like to inquire deeply into different matters of thought rather than just scratching the surface. :)
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By Michael D. Grissom
It's been a long time coming but I've finally dedicated 'as long as it takes' (starting early this morning) to finish the graphics and text and upload the "aaviaii" project to wikinventions. I'm going through the sign-on instructions one more time -- that's why I'm in here today. If this attempt also fails, I'll need Steve in an instant messenger guiding me through it step-by-step 'cause I'm a complete idiot when it comes to software. OK.. CP setting changed again and its sign-out CP/sign-in WIKI time again. Laterz!
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By swimmer
Hey I would like to ask ...

I live in Lebanon and have a patent idea . can anyone help me in filling a provisional patent . i dont know how am i supposed to do it .

I am a mechanical engineer student working on my senior project , titeled " Active suspension controle " . Its a design of a platform that automaticly levels and can cancel small oscilliations . can anyone give me any advice or hints on the system of accelerometers to use and data aquisitions chip .
( my budget is really tight . )
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By Michael D. Grissom
Swimmer.. for a USA provisional patent template, Google "provisional patent template" or "patent template". I have the utility patent template for MSWord I can send you if you have MSW.

Update: uploading the "AAVIAII" aeroamphibious multi-mode all terrain vehicle to as an open source project succeeded.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Swimmer.. I almost missed the second half of your reply above. Active suspension is one of my favorite subjects and I've even done some 'inventing' in that area. If you have created a topic on this subject somewhere here in CP -- guide me to it and I'll help you.
By astall
Hi, I am new to this site and there are many of good ideas.
I am a mechanical engineer and am willing to donate some of my design expertise to a good project.
For me, designing is not only my job but also my hobby.

Maybe there is a way for everyone to vote on a project, get the ball rolling and the creativity pool website can document the progress from start to finish.

If anyone is interested let me know.
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By swimmer
Thank you Mr. Micheal .

I will create a article in CP and discuss the project i am working on .

My main objective is leveling using 2 accelerometers and 4 actuators .

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