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By shanti
Develop animal muscle in a lab instead of slaughtering animals to feed humans.

Animals are not harmed
Minimizes enivronmental damage
Improves quality and safety of meat
Lowers risk of terroristic activities aimed at food chain

Feasibility from a scientific perspective
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By Steve
Just a few thoughts...

Growing meat in a lab would be just the same as eating cloned animals (in other words, it might or might not be a hazard to your health, no one knows for sure). As every act aimed at centralizing vital procedures, it would increase instead of lower the risk of terroristic activities. And where I live, the farmers who raise the cattle and sheep also have ecological responsibilites like taking care of the landscape. Of course, mass farming can't fulfill this task, but all in all it might make more sense to return to a more ecological pattern of farming (plus maybe drive the meat prices up and thus decrease the numbers of animals being killed) than putting the priviledge to feed us into the hands of the big companies. ;-7
By jackjohnson
Supposedly you are standing up for the animals, but for some reason your post scares me. The first one.

I will actually go as far as putting the first and last words of your post together: 'Develop perspective'. Consdidering this and your whole post it has a ring to it of only looking at things from your own perspective. To me more, than 'trying' to tell you should try develop your intelligence.

Not to mention the post's title: 'Free Cruelty'. It's there.
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I think this idea has some merit. We are animals, but some of us want to move beyond the basic animal acts. I for one have not been able (or willing) to give up meat, but I do want to do something. This could be it.
Steve your cloning animals comment is a bit off base. Shanti doesn't want to clone an animal just a body part. Scientists are doing this w/ humans already. We are using cloned skin for burn victims. I've even seen an ear (outer) made of human genetic material. I totally understand where you are coming from on the farmers side, but other jobs have been eliminated without a prior word. I for one do not want to see the farms disappear, but I do think it's time for some evolution.
As for jackjohnson who are you to criticize someones idea or intelligence? YOU are not even able to develop a proper sentence. (ie: " should try develop your intelligence.") Make your drunken rantings somewhere else!
By jackjohnson
> burn victims.

just one last off-off topic note: i think languages are sick. the word 'victim' is sick. as you speak of a 'burn victim' you can always read someting like 'burn the victim'. lets face it: the word 'victim' sucks

> jackjohnson who are you to criticize

i am right and i will not give in. i have already said a number of times we are all equally guilty and innocent. and that should be enough. i thought my post had that tone enough but i guess not. you cant use 'cruelty', the word, like that

> someones idea or intelligence?

i criticize the negative and hateful and fearful attitude in the world and now especially on the web, which effects the world greatly


but its not my intelligence you are criticizing

> are not even able to develop a proper sentence.

from my perspective this sentence is a lie -- and proper sentences are for idi*ts, no offense i guess

> (ie: " should try develop your intelligence.")

which none of us really can as we criticize everything we do. sure i criticize more than average on this forum, but only because i feel very uncomfortable with the hatred on the net, which im personally quite sure is there

>Make your drunken rantings somewhere else

i dont think so. that is, first i do, and second i guess i might go if Steve and others and namely Steve talks too unfriendly to me, from my perspective

and my funny answer: oeh, hitting me where it hurts, my language skills

and skill is another word that really,
really sucks as it has 'kill' in it ---
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By Steve
Speaking of rising above animal acts...

Why is it that when discussing other people's ideas that there's always a fight? I think it's pretty sad. This discussion is totally academic, it's not exactly like it would decide the future of food production - so why can't it stay peaceful?

TJ, jackjohnson's remark was rude, but you do not need to punch him in the face. Jackjohnson, TJ punched you once, why do you have to punch back three times to get even? Folks, I've seen this behaviour in the sand box and in world politics, but there's no place for it in these forums. Try to rise above it, or it'll be me who's gonna leave, and I'll definitely take the key to these boards with me.

TJ, about cloning animals: If you make an ear in the lab, they take your own cells to generate it, so the ear has your genetic pattern. I guess that when you grow meat in the lab, you'd probably take a random cow to grow the cell tissue, and all meat will then - genetically - be from the same animal. I admit that it's not the same as breeding a herd of genetically identical cattle, but many of the issues that are currently discussed in the cloning debate do apply.
By Tommahawk
Eating animals will go on, they're is no reason for it to stop and it will not.

One way your idea has base is if it was cheaper to produce meat in labs and this may not be farfetched as farming cattle does cost quite a bit.

If we left you without food for a while, and then showed you a WILD BOAR, you would probably kill it with your bear hands and eat it all or killing it would probably not enter your mind as you would eat it alive.
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By FlatTop808
I had this idea myself a couple of years ago, glad to see I'm not the only one. Cow-trees and chicken-vines would solve the whole cruelty issue of meat in an instant. It would be identical to harvesting grain or fruit; simply pick a filet mignon off the branch and throw it on the grill. No brain=no pain. How could that be cruel?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Put me down for a giant perennial charbroiled rare hamburger tree. ;-D

I've often wondered what our reaction would be to super intelligent aliens arriving on earth with the same intelligence ratio to us as we have with the animals we eat AND... they decided to follow OUR RULES and eat us for food. That would be absolutely FAIR wouldn't it?

If not -- why not?
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By CycoMage
Generic genetic meat? Not too difficult to do. Let's just try to avoid chromesome-shifting. I like my meat either farmed or hunted, but this idea does have some merit, especially in a dictator-controlled starving world. Save me a steak! :*)

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