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By Steve
There are some electronic devices which I operate entirely with my feet. My PC for example stands on the ground, and I simply don't want to bend down every morning to turn it on. The same is true for the volume control of the subwoofer standing behind it.

Electronics companies obviously believe that people only touch their delicate products with their fingers. Well guys, that's just not true! So how about equipping certain devices (PC, stereo, etc.) with a pedal or at least some sort of toe-friendly button?
By Tommahawk
That not a bad idea, you know why, guitarists use their feet[pedals] to switch between different sounds. Like if they want distortion they can hit the pedal with their feet, and they switch to distortion. The idea has merit especially controlling your PC sound system. If you look and creatives top PC sound system they have like five boxes, woofers, tweakers all kinds of things, a foot pedal would fit in well their. Something should be done.


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