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By aqua_abcn5
Have you ever imagined an eyeglasses that automatically fit a person's needs? It will enable an immediate zooming effect without giving you hard time adjusting it. This is good for any kind of eye defects.
By Ihatex86
that would be cool... but how would you implement somthing like that?
By mtd28student
This has sort of allready been invented, but not digiatally.

I saw a pair of glasses that had two syringes filled fluid on each arm, one for each lens. The lens was made of two layers, with a small amount of fluid inbetween. the volume of the fluid could be adjusted by compressing the syringe, thus changing the shape of the lens. Once you were happy with the sharpness of the image that you saw, you could break the syringes off and the fluid would harden.

If you have a weak eye you could adjust each lens to suit.
By AaronAgassi
Now imagine a smart version that monitored the wearers eyes, and how the wearer was trying to focus, modifying shape in the same way that healthy eyes do in changing focus. Enhanced telescopic and microscopic vision might even be possible. And they need not be glasses, but, at last, corneal implants with the responsiveness of the natural function they replace.

One could even have one's eye color vary and fluctuate with one's moods!

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