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By Kev
Getting in or out of a tight parking spot could sometimes be very trying, especially for older people and inexperienced drivers.
My idea would be to have a set of 4 telescopic arms fitted with electrically driven wheels. This way one only has to pull up, paralell to the parking place activate the parking device which is controlled via a joystick inside the car and guide the car into the parking spot sideways. This same device may also be used as a car jack for a tire change just switch to park mode to lift the car off the ground and change your tire. I'm sure the battery drain problem could be solved by having a larger battery and by having the system function only when the gear is in neutral.

Reward: A car with this device.
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By Michael D. Grissom
This would work without needing a bigger battery, however, it might be one of those ideas that works TOO well. It would give drivers the ability to squeeze into parking spots so tight that the cars in front and back, if not simularly equipped, would not be able to get out.

Then again, this kind of thought was what worried the auto industry when Anti-lock Brake Systems were invented. An ABS equipped car could panic stop so much faster that it would have to be a prime candidate for getting rear-ended in traffic by a non-ABS equipped car.

Also, if you go to and search on relative keywords like "car" and "parking" and "alternative" etc. you might be surprised at how many others have tried to accomplish this, which BTW, means that it really IS a good idea. I was amazed at 40+ patents on how to spin-up an aircraft tire before touch down (to save all those expensive tires) and yet NONE made it to market. AND,... all you have to do is change the tread design to create the spin-up.

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