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By Stephen Adams
There is a lot of talk lately of merging cell phones and PDAs (Palms, portable computers). This is sensible in that you can select an address from your PDA and just call it, rather than carry two devices around. But you're still carrying at least one extra device, that you can drop, break, lose, get wet, etc.

My idea is to merge cell phones and PDAs with something we carry with us anyway -- the wallet. If you open a trifold wallet, you can see that it is an ideal screen space for a PDA, and would be comfortable held to your ear.

It would need a mechanism, such as a zipper, to keep money from falling out during use. This could be coupled with a security feature, such as a password, if you wanted to get detailed. Of course, what would be needed would be a very thin screen to overlay on a standard folding wallet and not make it bulky.

As far as I know, this is a completely original, and exciting, idea.

Reward: A free one would be more than enough payment. :)

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