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By Steve
This IS possibly a bright idea but could you please explain to the unknowing non-bingo folks (like myself) what a bingo dabber is and what the advantage would be to make it square? My guess is that it's probably a tool to mark the bingo squares that already have been called. If the bingo dabber would be square, wouldn't it be less convenient to have a dabber the same size, because it would be more difficult to hit the exact spot without part of the mark overlapping to the neighboring fields? Thanks for your explanation! ;-D
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By FlatTop808
Steve, a bingo dabber is exactly what you think it is. You can get them in approximately one bajillion colors in variously shaped bottles (monkeys, pigs, clowns, etc.) and even a two headed version that has two colors. But they all have round ink pads because that's where the top screws on.
A buddy of mine and I came up with a similar idea while playing at the local VFW years ago: shape the pads like card suits. Or stars. Or some other lucky charm or talisman. If you've ever played bingo with a hundred old women, you'll know why.
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By Steve
Ok thanks - if you're not into a particular subject, it's sometimes really hard to judge if an idea makes sense even roughly... :-b

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