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By Steve
If you have sisters and brothers, you will, as you get older, sometimes discuss the old times. Pretty often, you'll come across things your parents did that were just awesome (e.g. when you had to go for a vaccination and were brave instead of wailing around and terrorizing everybody else, you would get a matchbox car - what a great idea!) On the other hand, you'll come across a lot of stuff you virtually hated (e.g. you were forced to play a violin - and yuck, you still can't listen to classical music without getting the creeps).

Wouldn't it make sense to collect these - good and bad - ideas in a database? I mean, it's true that nobody can practise to be parents until it happens, and you can't learn it either. But it's not entirely necessary that the same mistakes are made from generation to generation, while all the good ideas get lost. And it's not exactly the educators who can tell you how to do it right - listening to those who can still remember the ups and downs of their own childhood is definitely the better choice.

Reward: Seeing less poorly-mannered children and traumatized grown-ups
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By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Darn it, why should my kids have it any better than I did? I fully intend to put them through every miserable experience I went through...

Oh, all right, it's a good idea. ;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
AND... after collecting about 500 combined years of parenting experiences/solutions -- do the book and/or board game. I would also like to see a forum collection of practical jokes that parents played. This sounds like a lot of practical fun.
By Donny
That is an excellent idea. Wisdom comes with age, but it doesn't always have to come from living the direct expirience. It can be taught. I used to get a model airplane if I didn't cry during my vaccinations. I always used to cry a little, and my Mom still bought me the model airplane. Some of the other kids were out of control. Rewards come from being brave. I taught a new way for kids to learn to catch a ball. At age 4 or 5, I taught my child to "Just watch the ball land in your hand". She caught it every time, and now at age 9, can catch with both hands better than most.
By just me
I find that there are similar real life equilvilents to this already. Such as a group of friends who talk about their children ("oh, Timmy went through that stage, you know what I found helps is...") or parenting bulletin boards (on the web) where you can post a question and get several experienced replies. "Any one have advice on ..." etc. But still a good idea to collect them all...
By Rishi
That is a fine idea of Steve. In India, where a substantial number of large joint familes still flourish, thre is invariably a venerable(sometimes slightly senile) great grand parent in the early 90s(Not too many reach the late 90s), who incessantly talks about a few generations of childhood events good and bad.

It would be great to get some of these on tape as archive material.

By Deceptive Geko
This is an excellent idea and should be put into action immediatley.

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