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By chernasti
Hey common don't u hate it when u have to look for your phone (it should be spelled fone in my opinion) why not make a phone/watch (hence FUATCH) i mean how hard can it be with the technology we have now days.

We already have dial by voice so incorporate that and u dont even need a keypad we can make a Fuatch relatively small maybe even just like a normal watch except u flip open part of the cover and u get a dial tone. This could seriously help impaired people and make life so much easier for every one in general.

How cool would it be to never have to look for a phone again. It would work like a intercom or if u really insist u could just plug in a headset.

Reward: i would like 4 of them(for imediate family) with any new updates
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By Steve
How about a house and a sportscar as well? ;-) Seriously, I think it's a cool idea, and if you agree to reduce your "reward" to a sensible amount I will be glad to move it to the main category.

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