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By WhitakerCT
Well I don't know if anyone submitted this before, but I was thinking like you know how people use CD's or cassettes in their car to listen to music well I thought well lets make things a little easier and make it where you can use flashdrive or a memory unit in your car so you can listen to all your favorite music and it makes things easier so you won't have to go through every CD or cassette. your car can do it for you, it will search all your music on your device and make it where you can select from (All Track's or just pick an album to play) it's like your own little ipod in your car. It;;s like putting a Xbox 360 in your car. Just an Idea I thought about. Sounds like an ok idea to me, but it's what you think on this.
By dolfin99
I have seen this idea already in place in numerous higher priced model cars. They have USB ports and you can use your iPod or flash drive listen to music or watch movies.

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