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By adelz7
Why should you need to buy a scissor, stapler, pen, and highlighter when you can combine 'em?!

I propose to you, my friends, that the scissor handles can be designed to have a stapler(with smaller size staples), such that the staple-holder is on one handle, and the flat metal staple-shaping piece is on the other handle. And a pen/mini-highlighter can be put on it too.

That way when one is doing arts & crafts it will be easier!

Reward: A free Super Scissor-Stapler.
By joejlitz
Something like this 10-in-1 tool?

Includes tape measure, stapler, scissors, pencil sharpener, letter opener, staple remover, pen holder, hole punch, waste holder and storage compartment. Lightweight and compact to fit in purse or briefcase. Also featured in Restoration Hardware!

or this?


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