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By adelz7
When I pay with cash, I wish I had a mini penny-holding device that could release X number of pennies(or dimes). I think it can be designed easily though! Perhaps a "U"-shaped holder, which is thin and fits 10 pennies exactly (inside like it's a tiny hallway), with a ratchet or a little nob that you move to the number desired, then open the door and release the exact number of pennies ! Maybe it can have a little compartment attached on one end of the U to fit, say , 10 more coins.

Reward: A free Pocket Penny dispenser! And a pack of gum :)
By joejlitz
I don't think this is a terribly original idea. There are already a lot of pocket sized coin dispensers out there:

Here's one:

Here's another:

And I believe this one allows you to drop a set number of coins by the dial you select:

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