Submissions that have been rejected by the Creativity Pool. - The Docks aren't necessarily the final destination, if a broken idea gets fixed it may travel to a more appropriate category.
By myidea
Name - Uff My Brain
Participant 2 or more
Round 1
Make ur brain fast. Both participant will tell about there life style for 5 min with some mandate details like fathers full name, Birth area name, grand fathers name, his 1st lover name & with this 4 common field they also have to tell about anything as they like. After both will share their information with each other host will arrange 5 question and ask to opposite participant. For each correct answer participant will get 5 mark. Round 2
Make ur SMS fast
Type fastest SMS with Samsung touch screen mobile phone. Both participant will get a small paragraph they have to write max to max in SMS with accuracy & send to one host mobile number with in 2 mins. Judging the Paragraph details - 60 words in one paragraph.
1 correct Word +1 point & one wrong word (-1) point. Winner will be decided on this two parameter. Winner in this round will get 15 Point.

Round 3
Make ur money fast
Both participant will get Rs 10, 50, 100, 500 notes in one pot & then have to categories them into bundle.( same type on one bundle). The participant with max amount bundle within 2 Minute will win. Hurdle : some duplicate note will be mixed with the money(one side of the note is printed & other side is black for Rs 500 & 100 note) for every duplicate note in the bundle Rs 600 will be deducted from the total amount collected. Winner wil get 15 point in this round. Round 4
Make ur Word fast
Host will give one alphabet ( from A - S ideally) & participant has to say 10 word starting with the alphabet. Answer with less time & accuracy will win the round. Winner will get 16 point in this round.

Winner - Prize Amount fix by host.

Reward: Mobile Handset/ IPOD
By joejlitz
Your reward can not be an iPod - see rules.

Your idea doesn't quite fit the intent of the creativity pool. Thanks! ;D

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