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By freebirdz
Just like it sounds. A service where a fantasy sports league can call, pay a certain price, and then show up to their draft with everything done. The draft planning service does everything from securing the location, providing food, drafting boards, contacting league members with the details, etc. All the league has to do is show up and draft!

Reward: Free service for my fantasy leagues for life!
By joejlitz
For a fee, many sports bars/restaurants will provide this service, unless you can further define "everything." Here is a blurb from Hooters:

"There is no better place to host your draft party than at Hooters; especially with our Season Tickets, Fantasy Football package, free Wi-Fi, and America’s favorite cheerleaders: the world famous Hooters Girls," said Mike McNeil, Vice President of Marketing for Hooters of America, Inc. “Last year we hosted over 4,000 fantasy league draft parties and we expect that number to grow this year based on the new incentives and our national advertising we have behind it. Over the past several years Hooters has emerged as the number 1 pick for fantasy leaguers, and the designation of the world’s first draft weekend will keep us first.”

Individuals who host their draft parties at participating Hooters locations will receive a Draft Party Kit. The kit includes "Hooters Seasonal Tickets," which provides Fantasy Leagues weekly offers each time they visit the location to watch the games. The kit also includes: a Fantasy Draft Board, Fantasy Draft stickers, 12 Fantasy Draft "cheat sheet" guides, and a customized Hooters Draft Guide Magazine. In addition, the kits will have postcards for the Fantasy Teams commissioners to fill out in order to become members of Hooters text and email clubs. For convenience Wi-Fi is available at most locations.

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