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By bellboyd
i am not sure if this would work, and i am sure that this will be disproved, but, i cannot help but try. i believe that if we placed several Tesla coils powered by hydroelectric, solar, or wind generators in strategic places all over the state, country, etc. that we could achieve real wireless and cheaper energy. i suggest several large coils at each of these so called ''green'' energy generators sending energy to several small coils all connecting like a web. this very idea could eliminate the need for some not all power lines and other more dangerous ways of energy production such as nuclear energy. I also highly suggest doing small scale tests instead of jumping the gun like many other failed projects.

Reward: to see this idea become a reality and have credit for it, mainly credit
Can you explain this idea a bit more? As a submission, this is incomplete and not completely understood. You should also explain Tesla coils, as the average reader won't understand. If you can explain this in further detail and in such a way that a layman would understand, you might see it moved to the Creativity Pool.

Thanks! ;D

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