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By Zique
Too many people forget about the the intricacies that link all things together... By looking at the study of Nature we can see that Rain Water Stores Energy much as Storm Sewers or Run Offs do. By Simply Looking at the edges of River Banks and Streams we can see the way the Grass it bends and the Water Flows, by looking High in the Tree's we can see which way the wind has blown. The differences have been noted by individual post's. But one thing that they have not looked at is how the piping itself has been formed or shaped to create a favorable condition to extract or enhance a given source of energy. Also one must keep in mind through my early years of training in Instrumentation and Process Control a Vacuum can be controlled much like a Compression of Air by the use of Chambers and Check Balls much like in the Valve Body of an Automatic Transmission or Hydraulically Controlled Device, to further increase the en-said inefficiencies. Not to mention the type of fluid used for the working medium. It could be Nitrogen Charged or a Nano-Gas infused Sub-strait...

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