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By vahid260s
I like the idea about football
If we do get it more professional and beautiful football will
My idea of ​​teaching players about the way s
I am a student of computer training methods I will explain with the help of technology
Equipment needed:
1 - install antennas that football field in four corners of the earth to determine the position, Gateway Center, Earth, and all coordinates related to the football pitch

2 - a device that pilots as eyes and ears hat to cover players
To teach players
Player must land a simulated putty I see by the hat
In addition, it also hears voices

3 - program for the football field to make three-dimensional simulations and the caps players and four transmitters installed in the four corners of the earth to be associated
Image program should gridiron helmet gonna send her to position players to help her antenna show
The program should be putty in terms of players make tactical tips

After this mentor program can give himself all the ideas and programs to induce the players to create them

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