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By darshan.ram
How about create an app to help people with problems. I mean suicide cases as been increasing drastically over years. In my opinion the main reason this happens is because they don't have people to share their problems with. So why not create an app where you can share your problems with it. The app must be able to think like a
psychiatrist. It can give advice and motivation. The users wont have to be shy and they if they are they can just type. Is like talking to siri but it gives you advice. It might not be good as a actual human psychiatrist but who knows it might save lifes.
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By Steve
I honestly think that having to talk to machines makes more people want to kill themselves than keeping people from doing so.
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By darshan.ram
haha I get your point but the avatar in the app is design by you. Its all up to you on how it will look. Since ppl bring their smartphone everywhere it will be like bringing yr psychiatrist any where you go. it also has a voice recognition. Its all design to handle any type of depression

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