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By rohith jonnala
We have been using fuel for running a generator. Years passing by, fuel will be vanished. In order to overcome this problem I have a idea of designing a generator which uses magnetic power which is renewable energy.
By Juji
I appreciate that you thought of this yourself, people don't often make a link between magnets and electricity.

However using a magnet to 'create' energy is impossible (as far as I am aware)...

In order to make electricity with magnets, we need to move a metallic wire over the magnetic field. Conversely you could move the magnet over a metallic wire. However you only get the energy you put in(in most cases less than that). the energy from such a system only occurs because the kinetic energy of the moving magnet/wire is converted to electric potential. Hence magnets don't 'create' energy or allow for someone to make infinite energy, it simply allows you to change the form of the energy.

That being said, in this way, we are already using magnets to create electricity. Basically, we have some sort of turbine (powered by natural wind, steam made by burning coal, someone kicking a bicycle pedal or some other force) which is made to spin. This rotating momentum is transferred to a generator. In this generator, there is a coil of wire and a magnetic field. Simply put, the wire's changing exposure to the magnetic field (due to it spinning) causes electrons to move around (causing a current) since the electron itself has a negative charge. This is then processed with fancy circuitry and sent to our homes.

My explanation is horrible, I know. You should google the subject for a more elaborate run down of this topic. Try 'electric generator' or 'perpetual energy [/with magnets]'.

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