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By tg1291
Phones today break too easily and are constantly being exchanged for the next model. This is a waste of resources. My idea is to design a phone that is solely made up of interchangeable pieces.

The size/case of the phone can vary and so can the camera, screen, memory, printed circuit board etc. This way if your phone is broken you can simply buy the right piece and interchange it or if you want another model you can buy the upgraded pieces and connect it up yourself. The old or broken pieces are either recycled or reused on someones phone who wants those pieces. This also allows you to keep up with fast paced improvements in technology (such as improved battery life) without having to waste materials. In a time of dwindling resources and grotesque consumerism this technology would combat these and provide a worthwhile, lifelong product worthy of investing in!

Reward: Seeing this idea being put into action.
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By Steve
Ok, but that's how they make money: By turning ressources into waste. Repeat.

To come up with something novel, you'd have to figure out a way how people who care about the environment AND want a phone can pull this off. This isn't a technical issue, though - it's a problem of organization, funding and marketing.

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