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By midoh
I've often wondered if the immense votages stored in Thunder clouds could be used in some way!The voltages are large enough to turn air into Plasma (a superheated gas with all it's electrons ripped off)In Ireland where I live,the thunder storms aren't that powerful, but they can still knock out the local electricity grid for a couple of hours!My whacky idea is to use these bolts of lightening to supply current to a kind of portable sub-atomic particle detector(mounted on a very large truck-say)
You could drive it to your nearest thunder storm,in the way the 'Storm chasers'-Mereorology researchers,do in the U.S. (I WASN'T JOKING WHEN I said WHACKY!)

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By Steve
I always love it when someone comes up with a great idea - and then it's already in the database. :-D Midoh, if you don't mind please post your approach as a reply to this thread - unfortunately I can't merge the two topics.

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