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By aarthidhar
Usually many of the tablets come in blister packs. Opening them using hand may damage the tablets. A tube whose diameter is slightly larger than blister pack diameter should be provided attached to the blister pack. So that it can be used to open the blister pack without touching the tablet. It is also hygenic.

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By Steve
Sorry, aarthidhar, to be honest I don't quite understand your idea. For one, over here in Europe the packages are designed that the tablets don't get damaged when you push them through the foil, plus, there's no need to touch them during the process. Second, I'm not sure how the tube you described could help. Thanks for your clarification!
By Rishi
I think what Aarthi is thinking of is a thin walled 'Cutter' tube that is larger in diameter than the tablet and smaller than the blister it is sitting in. If you put it on the foil side taking care to locate it in the annular space and press, the foil will get cut and the tablet pop into the tube, assuming that it has one end closed and it is held below the blister.

It will work. But to what end? Along with the tablet there will be a piece of the foil, the outer surface of which might not be clean. The tube has a cost. The extra volume occupied by it increases the size of the shipper which has direct and indirect costs. It has to be packed separately, so can be inadvertantly left out. As an employee of a pharma company I know that these are real problems.

Steve, you are right. The Indian Pharmacopoeia (Derived from the British Pharmacopoeia) prescribes the strength of tablets and the packaging, so that normal pushing out of a tablet from its blister cannot powder it.

As a trigger to design more user friendly packagings for medication, the idea is welcome.

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By Steve
Rishi wrote:Steve, you are right. The Indian Pharmacopoeia (Derived from the British Pharmacopoeia) prescribes the strength of tablets and the packaging, so that normal pushing out of a tablet from its blister cannot powder it.

The things you know! ;-D
By MissPlayful
I did a search for "blister pack opener" on Google. I didn't have time to pursue the various leads but there appear to be general purpose blister pack openers on the market and also devices to aid in opening pills in blister packs.

I went to this link: ... ab143.html
where I found: "Other new Ableware products designed for individuals with limited mobility or strength include a clear plastic Pill Pusher Blister Pack Opener, which requires only a small amount of palm or finger pressure to pop pills out of their packaging"

But this was what really caught my attention (on the same link): "ARR Health Technologies, Swampscott, Mass., is offering its Robi-Comb electronic lice detector and remover as a chemical-free alternative to traditional chemical treatments for head lice. Powered by one AA battery, the coated metal-toothed comb emits an audible signal when it detects lice, then kills the louse with a small electrical discharge. Insulation on the tips of the comb's teeth protects the patient's scalp, according to the company."

Well there you go. All of you who invented electronic lice detectors years ago but never patented them - it wasn't such a lousy idea after all!
By Rishi
This Electric (C)hair for the louse ranks with the Handy-Novel-Sanitary Parakeet Diapers @ US$1 ppd. advertised a few years back for bird lovers, who wanted to let their pets fly around the house without getting lime on the furniture. The company, Idiots' Delight Unltd claimed to have sold 20,000 of these a month.
(Quoted by Prof. Victor Papanek in 'Design for the Real World')


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