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By Fireball
Well i have this great idea and think that it is possible for some wise guy to build this.

If you take your computer box and isolate the six sides from each other, and in each side u put in a electrical conducter.Then it will work like a circuit(switch).When u touch two sides at the same time the current will flow trough your body,shocking u.more volts then amps.making sure the victim will go into a coma for a day, so the police will have time to catch him.

But it must work like an alarm system,when the circuit is closed an alarm must ring,sending a signal to the alarm company.It also must have an hidden activation place or a thum print reader to activate the power.

Insurence companies would insist on this before they can cover u.So everybody is going to need one.

Any help or info is welcome.

Reward: Shares in the company selling the product.
And one of them installed into om comp.
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By Steve
No monetary rewards, please. ;-) Also, just to make sure, what's the purpose of the idea? Preventing computer theft? What would keep the owner from getting fried as well?
By Fireball
Well i think it can stop computer theft. :-P
U can make like a remote to activate the system, Keeping the owner of the comp safe from the shock.
Allsow a light that indicate that the system is activated.
Red light means that the system is active and green means not active.
I Think it can work if the owner is just careful with it.

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