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By matthewfelgate
ok, so one thing i hate is seeing mains plugs on when there is nothing plugged in. i also cringe to see people putting in a plug without turning the power off first, and only turning it back on once the plug is in the socket safely.

therfore i propose a wall mains socket with the following two features:-

* you can't turn it on if there is nothing plugged in
* if you pull a plug out while the switch is on, it will click off

this will increase safety of mains plugs, which is obviously very important.

what do people think?

Reward: Send me one plz!
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By Steve
Mains plugs? 8-o
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By Steve
No clue what it is. Something particularly British perhaps? :-?
By Rishi
I think what matthewfelgate is talking about are the regular wall sockets.
In India most of these have a protective shutter that closes when the plug is pulled out of the socket. The earth terminal is longer than the line or neutral. When the plug is inserted into the socket the earth pin pushes down a lever that opens the shutter only after the earth contact is established.

THis gives adequate protection against shocks.

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By Steve
Matthew, would you mind wording this (or something similar) into the description of your idea? The non-Commonwealth world has simple plugs without shutters or switches, and for us it's fairly difficult to grasp what your idea is about. ;-)

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