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By msandeep
Have you ever used a telephone, answering-machine combo? If so you must know how difficult it is to set these things up.
Ever tried to set greeting, time, number of rings, vacation message, remote access code without tearing your hair out?
I suggest there be a USB or ethernet port on such systems which would allow you to connect it to a PC. Then it could be set up from the PC using intuitive windowing applications. You could also record your greeting this way, or download messages to your computer for archival (some messages are too good to be deleted!)
This would also make it possible to add new features - for example you could program the telephone to switch to voicemail, if there is no caller id, during certain hours of the day (bye bye telemarketer). You could even have a second greeting for this situation. The possibilities are endless!

Reward: Let me know if anybody does this. I'll be the first customer
By AaronAgassi
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