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By AaronBurns
Along with the various colors of lights we should add the meaning of each light in a lit up sign with the description. In the USA it would be "stop" for red - "slow" for yellow - and "go" for green. You could also add all the other meanings of traffic laws into words that have yet to be worded. You could even add these words into the original signal or have them attached in a seperate unit connected just off to one side of the original signal to be seen with the lights. For people with color blindness but, can read; they could then easily drive any where and no more confusing lights when every one can learn to recognize some simple commands of what to do in words. The lights and the words would show up at the same time by back lighting them and then both disappear when the lights and the new words appear at a traffic signal change.

Reward: To be in every city and town of the world!

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