Submissions that have been rejected by the Creativity Pool. - The Docks aren't necessarily the final destination, if a broken idea gets fixed it may travel to a more appropriate category.
By Vinnie
don't you hate it when your garbage bag snaps and you don't wanna go get it?Well now there is an remote control garbage truck that can pick up any kind of trash without having to walk to your trash can and it puts it in your trash can!!!!!it goes about 45 miles an hour and it stops fast and goes costs 25 bucks!!!!!!!wow that is cheap!!!!!!

Reward: to be cool!!!!!
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By Steve
Sorry, Vinnie, I'm European, and I just don't get the picture...

If anybody can explain this idea to me (snaps - ok... get WHAT? A real truck (or just a mini one)? Put it in your trash can? I thought the bag just snapped... etc. etc.), I'll be happy to move it to the pool section. Thanks! :-)

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