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By oOoSoxGurl5oOo
Ever notice your kids are constantly opening the door to the fridge and they stand there FOREVER trying to decide hmm what do I want to eat or drink. That is a money blower when it comes time to pay the bill. Thats why I would like to see someone invent a clear refrigerator door. It will cut down on energy and they can simply look through the door see what they want get it and it cuts out soo much wasted energy. I think they should have invented this a long time ago I cant believe they havent yet. Keep in mind the door wouldnt just be bought to replace your old one it would be the whole refirgerator with it (even better).

Reward: A refrigerator with a clear door
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By Steve
Didn't post this idea because refrigerators with clear doors have been existing for a long time (at least in my supermarket ;-) ). Also, there's a discussion about this subject going on here.

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