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By briannjoanne96
you know how you can set your computer to do certain things for you? like select your favorite channels and put them in a "favorites" column to quickly view the pages you set there, any time you want. well this is similar. with the "smart" cable box you can set your favorite channels, where you want them. and you can remove channels you don't subscribe to, or view at all. this eliminates you having to flip through unnecessary channels. there are so many channels now, over 600. it makes it difficult to flip through all the channels....with the "smart" cable box take those channels that are unused away and you may then only have 350(or however many you would cut it down to) to flip through. now that is a lot of channels, but if you subscribe (through your local cable company of course)to that many channels, its not so bad.

Reward: free product
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By Steve
I've copied this idea into the "Waste Reservoir" for now because I don't understand it. Sorry, but I'm not from the US, and we don't have this type of cable box over here. Memory? Group together?? Movies on sports channels???

If anyone can convince me that this idea makes sense I will be happy to move it somewhere else. ;-)
By Charlie
I think the idea is that you could reorder the channel numbers so that you could get to the ones you wanted to get to easily. For example, you could put ESPN as channel 2 and then your local channels instead of ESPN being what it currently is.

However, I don't see a major purpose to this because there are favorite buttons on most remotes and most systems put channels into logical groups anyways.
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By Steve
Ok, thanks now I get it. ;-D

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