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By JoJo
Who wants to sit in those nasty things? I think they should design one for women who have bad backs and can't squat in the seated position.

Instead, they should just put a hole in the floor with a sliding door that you can open and close(preferrably from the wall and not the hole itself). And there would need to be handrails to help you balance and get up and down. And on either side of the potty hole there would need to be foot treads so that no one slips. And finally, an automatic airfreshner that spritz's the unit when you unlock the door.

Either do that, or start offering disinfecting wipes or disposable seat covers in them!

Reward: To be called Johannie On the Spot! LOL
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By Steve
Those already exist in France. I think they used to be called "French toilets" - now the call'em freedom toilets, I guess. :-D

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