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By wjphoto
I'm sure most of us who have traveled the Interstates have run into this type of problem: 3.4 or more trucks riding side by side on the Interstate for miles and miles at 50mph. There should be a truck lane (enforced by law) that trucks must use if they can't pass other vehicles within a reasonable amount of time. They would also have to stay in this lane unless passing. This would clear traffic jams, save lives, save time, and reduce insurance premiums.

Reward: A safer Interstate system
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By Steve
Isn't that the law already? As far as I know, any vehicle travelling at a lower speed is supposed to stay on the right lane (including trucks), and they may only switch lanes to overtake another vehicle if their difference in speed is high enough. At least that's what it looks like where I live. The only problem is that most truck drivers don't care, and that it's rarely enforced...
By Piromaniac
My whole family traveled alot a couple of years ago, and it got weird at night! O.O it felt like we were in a pod of whales, at least thats what my mom said.
We would end up with about 3-4 truckers driving around us! It was fun in the dark, with lights zipping past.......

0,0 like playing tag with giants!
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By Michael D. Grissom
How about a gun that will shoot 18 rounds per clip? ;-D
By Roaddog
First of all maybe you should read the sign's. There are already lane restrictions for Trucks in and around all major cities. There are not in rural areas on interstate's. I am a Trucker and I will tell you that truckers are the safest most trained drivers on the road.I myself save at least one driver of a 4 wheeler a day. From there own stupidity. Trucks bring everything you get, eat,wear,use, and sofourth.Second the interstate hwy system was biult for commercial travel and expiditing in the first place. Witch is what propelled the incredible groth of this country through the last 70 years. As well as keeps it running on a daily basis now.Then there is the fact that the trucking industry pays an astronomical amount of road and fuel taxes that pays for these roads. Most truckers are professional's. There are some out there who shouldn't be driving one.Most truckers pass and emedietly move back to the right lane. That is because they know that the left lane is for passing.The main reason for the congestion your seeing is that there are so many trucks on the road in some areas. As well as the lane restrictions. They cause more problems than good. Also now most major trucking companies have therre trucks governed. There speed is restricted to 62 or 65 or some even 60. Witch causes even more problems. Some trucks that go two miles an hour faster than anouther are out there trying to pass.It takes longer and then there is gravity. They are very heavy and the slitest hill slows them. Its all moronic if you ask me.So the next time you go to your grociery store or walmart or any other place to get the things in your life and the shelves are empty. You would be freeking out,OMG where is everything. Think about truckers!!!!! The country would shut down in three days if trucks stopped. Including the gas in your car,the things your job uses for you to work. Thank a Trucker every chance you get. Its a hard job and they sacrifice being with there family's and risk there live's every day out there. The seventh most dangerous job in America.God Bless Truckers

By Roaddog
Michael D. Grissom wrote:How about a gun that will shoot 18 rounds per clip? ;-D

I have one that shoots 30 rounds per clipp.How about that?

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